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What makes Advanced Micro Computers different?


Today the need for service is different. Information Technology has become so essential and so complex, many companies feel it has taken them over. They're looking for someone to lighten the load so they can focus on what matters most, running their business!

At Advanced Micro Computers, Inc. we’re changing too.  We offer a vast array of sales & services, provided by experts! Our System Engineers provide expertise in systems integration and network management. Advanced Micro Computers, Inc. can provide total hardware, software and networking services, not only by fixing problems, but also by anticipating them before they occur. Today, technology may be your most critical investment and Advanced Micro Computers, Inc. can help you make the most of it.

Expert Malware removal, Fast and Reliable!

Our location on route 208 in Wallkill is easy to find. The friendly staff is eager to answer your questions and service you in the fastest way possible.


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